Online Slot Strategies

Sound slot strategies don’t exist, so be suspicious of websites selling the “secret” to breaking slots. These games-of-luck use Random Number Generators (RNGs), which are continuously spitting out digits that undergo a set of algorithms to determine the reels’ landing positions. The starting number ranges from 0 to 4 billion and is put through a series of equations that end in a number found on the reels. There’s no “memory” from one spin to the next, so slot machines don’t pay at intervals or become hot and cold.

That being said, there are still habits that can increase your success playing slots.

  • Practice good bankroll management.

Good bankroll management increases the satisfaction of slot games and protects from overspending.

  • Take advantage of reward programs.

Slot players get the best perks when it comes to reward programs.  Welcome Bonuses give match bonuses for slot play. It’s a good time to be a slot player.

  • Play higher denominations.

High-denomination coins often give access to bigger jackpots. Typically, the penny slots found in physical casinos offer the lowest payouts.

These suggestions may not count as hard strategy, but incorporating them into your game will increase your chances of leaving a casino session with a smile on your face and some winnings in your pocket.