Bingo Cataratas: A Refreshing Take on a Classic Favourite

When you sit down for a game of Bingo Cataratas, an online game of bingo with cascading waterfalls and a special bonus round, you’ll notice that this is no ordinary game of bingo. Put your bingo dabbers and good luck charms away because you’re about to experience a whole new way to play this popular classic.

Here are the technical aspects of the game.

  • The game comprises four cards.
  • Each card has 15 unique numbers, which are organized into three rows and five columns.
  • Thirty-one balls are drawn per round.

Bingo Cataratas is played by wagering a bet and then selecting one to four bingo cards. Each card contains 15 numbers. After that, 31 balls out of a pool of 60 will be released in random order. There are 10 different winning combinations in the game. Take a look at your cards. If the random numbers on the selected balls complete any of the winning combinations on any of your cards, it’s time to celebrate because a payout is heading your way.

The prizes on tap are based on how much you wagered at the beginning of the game. Also, if you’d like to increase your chance at winning, you can crank it up a notch with some extra balls. There are 12 extra balls available at additional cost, so it might be worthwhile to boost your luck with this option. When it’s time to play again, you can get a new arrangement of cards with the “Change Cards” button.

Did somebody say special bonus game? One of the 10 winning combinations in each game triggers a special bonus round. If you trigger it, you’ll be transported to a new level complete with a big colourful wheel of fortune. Take that wheel for a spin and see what else is in the cards for you.

If all the excitement requires you to take a break for celebration, you can always put the game on auto play mode. Take advantage of this feature to get yourself a celebratory refreshment and you might really start to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.