New To Video Poker? Keep These Five Tips In Mind.

Video poker has only been around since the mid-1970s, but it’s already become one of the most popular casino games worldwide. It combines the bells and whistles of slot machines with the skill of poker – and yes, you can make a living at it… Read more

Beginner Strategy: Getting Started

So you’ve figured out the basic rules of video poker, and you’re ready for some action. But where to begin? As with any casino game, your best bet is to practice at home, using play money. Each video poker variant has a “Practice” mode that… Read more

Beginner Strategy: Learn Poker Hands

Up until this point in the video poker series, we’ve assumed that you’re familiar with standard poker hand rankings. But not every aspiring video poker player knows these rankings by heart. Some variants even include new hands, like Five-of-a-Kind, that don’t exist in traditional poker.… Read more

Video Poker Beginner Strategy: Pay Tables And Returns

Anytime you play a game at a casino, it’s good to know what the prizes are. Some games have bigger house edges than others, especially games with minimal skill involved. Video poker isn’t one of those games. By using the right strategy, you can minimize… Read more

Blackjack Beginner Strategy: Betting Progression

Many people swear by betting progressions, but the reality is, some systems are based on hitting a string of winning hands, and other systems are based on the false notion that a win becomes due after a losing streak. Despite these shortfalls, it’s still interesting… Read more

Video Poker: Jacks Or Better Strategy Tips

There are many different video poker games out there –  but Jacks or Better remains the gold standard. It’s the simplest game of them all, and if you play your cards right, you can narrow the house edge to a minuscule 0.46%. Play Jacks or Better at a live… Read more

Bingo Cataratas: A Refreshing Take on a Classic Favourite

When you sit down for a game of Bingo Cataratas, an online game of bingo with cascading waterfalls and a special bonus round, you’ll notice that this is no ordinary game of bingo. Put your bingo dabbers and good luck charms away because you’re about… Read more

March Madness Betting Guide

So what’s all this “March Madness” about? It’s the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the biggest thing there is in sports betting. The best and brightest from Division I are gathering in arenas across the United States, 68 teams all told, in a single-elimination tournament to decide… Read more

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